Rules for Use of Chemistry Equipment in Science Lab

My son has recently taken an interest in chemistry and for the new year we are going to methodically work our way through a series of chemistry experiments from a book I have purchased. I have a close friend that is a junior high chemistry teacher and I’ve asked him to look through the book of experiments and identify any that pose a physical safety risk, create hazardous fumes and/or use chemicals that he considers too dangerous - we won’t be doing any of those!

With that as a backdrop, I want to know:

  1. What training, if any, is required as a prerequisite to use the chemistry equipment in the science lab?
  2. Are there chemicals available for use? If so, is there an inventory list I can review or how can I determine what’s available to use?
  3. Assuming there are chemicals available, I expect I would need to pay for what I use and I’d like to understand how that works.
  4. My son is a minor and he would be under my supervision at all times. I have read the rules regarding minors and I will fully comply with all the published rules for minors at the space. Are there any special restrictions for the science area over and above those outlined in the general rules?

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@Josh_Melnick, who is the new chair?

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The Science membership elected Adair Claycomb to the Chair, @FairieCyanide


Hi Phil,

I was just elected yesterday, and have not had a complete transfer of knowledge yet from the previous chair so I’m not completely sure how #3 has traditionally been done. It’s one of the questions I have for him when we do meet to discuss.

As far as 1, 2, and 4. We have informal committee meetings typically every Sunday at 2:30pm. If you are able to come around that time, it would be the easiest way to handle those questions and training.

If you aren’t able to come at that time, pm me and I will work out a time that you can meet with me or another committee member that is also able to answer those questions and provide training to the equipment you want to use.

Also if you bring the book of experiments we can check it against our available chemical stock. I can also tell you if it can be run in the lab and/or danger level. My background is in chemistry.


Sounds like a great opportunity to have some chemistry labs/classes!

Welcome as the new chair.

I think meeting and interactively talking about my plans is a great idea and I would welcome a second set of eyes on the book of experiments, I’m free this Sunday (11/17) but if you need some additional time to settle into your new role, I can meet with you on a different Sunday a week or two later. Please let me know what works best for you.


You are welcome to come 11/17 but I will probably be able to better answer some of your questions on 11/24 or 12/1.

It makes sense to delay a week to let you better understand the specifics. I will plan to meet you on Sunday 11/24 at 2:30. Please confirm that this will work for you.

Looking forward to meeting you,


That should be fine.

Great, I’ll see you on Sunday afternoon.


Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. If for some reason you are unable to meet, please let me know by 1:45 tomorrow. (I’ll bring a copy of the experiment book for you to review.)