Rover Perseverance Landing Today at LiveStream to start at 1:15

The landing is scheduled to happen at 2:55 CST.
Be sure to tune into NASA for the landing.


Errr, NASA website is saying 2:15 EST, so shouldn’t that be 1:15 for us?

Website also has the post landing press briefing starting at 2:30 EST at the earliest, so wouldn’t everything be likely over by 2:55?

Time zones make my head hurt at times…

Yep you are right on the 1:15EST for the live stream. Updated the Title.

I still think I have landing time correct. From what I read earlier.

Theresa a minimum delay of around 4 minutes and a maximum of around 24 minutes for E-M signal to go from Mars to Earth, depending on actual obit distances, so there’s a little wiggle room to get a beer or use the john beforehand.

Got 3 different feeds all going at the same time, 2 on my computer and 3rd on our big wall projector.

I tried to launch the NASA TV app on our Roku and just got black screen. Apparently the nerd demand is high.

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just using the different YouTube feeds, they’re all using the live nasa feed as the base

Successful touchdown, waiting on images now.

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