Router table training

Hi Everyone!

I’m looking for a kind person to train me on the non-CNC/regular router table. Could someone assist with an impromptu or official training?


Michael -

The power tools in the woodshop require the classes shown here:

As far as I know, without having taken those required classes there isn’t a way to get signed off on a single tool. If you have taken the classes then there is no specific sign-off for the router table but I’m sure someone would be happy to fresh you on how to use it.

Hi Mdredmond,

My Basic Safety Class actually covered everything from Woodshop 1-4 with the exception of the Router (corners, round-over). My instructor told us we need separate training on the router table.

Is there a way to see if I’m already permissioned on it and I just need some instruction?

Thank you!

I’d be interested in a refresher on the router table. It was gone over so fast that I don’t remember any of the safety stuff (I got grandfathered from the old classes). I know it’s a dangerous machine if not done correctly, so I would like to spend more time learning about it.

If you find someone to teach you, I’d love to join too.

While there is an advanced router class I don’t think we have a teacher consistently teaching it right now. If you’re interested in using the table, I would recommend watching some safety videos on YouTube and self teaching.

If you can find someone who is willing to show you in person then that’s also great.

I’ll be at the space in the woodshop this Saturday probably around noon and can give a refresher on the router table.

I am not certified to actually teach a class though just to be clear.