Router Table 1/4 inch collet missing

Yesterday and the day before a searched for the router table 1/4 inch collet. Only the 1/2 inch one is there.

I’ve feared this happening for a while now.

It’s a Bora router, right?

When a replacement is purchased can one be ordered for me to buy? Or can someone direct me what to purchase on Amazon? I’d hate to get the wrong one. I chatted at the Bora website and even they have two models.

The router in the table is new. The Bora router gave up the ghost and has been replaced by a Milwaukee router. Of course, the collets are not interchangeable. The Milwaukee router only came with a1/2 inch collet. I believe that a 1/4 inch collet has been ordered.


Wow, that was informative! Thanks!

I think this post describes what Patrick has reported above (possibly triggered by your post :grin:)