Router losing RPM power

The router appears to be stalling out. It spins but loosing RPM speed when in contact with wood and makes a low pitch humming noise.

So the inter speed switch slips out from the outer plastic switch and when it’s in between 2 speeds it doesn’t that fluctuating rpm you just have to “catch” the inner switch with the oiter plastic switch and get it to rest in a designated speed. Or you’re taking way too much of a bite out and using the wrong speed/bit combination

So i recant my statement, I’m 99% positive it needs new brushes, they’ve become worn or chipped to the point where they’re not providing sufficient contact with the copper surface hints is weird rpm and drop under load, I’d switch it out with the brushes from the old one as it was the same model but has since been Mia

What model of motor is in there? A PC 800 series?

Not sure I’ll have to check for the specific model, but it’s should be considered down and unusable as to its inability to keep speed and torque under load

The reason I ask is because I have an essentially unused Porter Cable 890 series motor I can donate the brushes from as long as I can buy new ones for a decent price. I’ve never bought them so don’t know what they cost.

Looks like they are ~$(19-20) for one, although that includes the “holder assembly”: