Router bits and End Mills for the Multicam

In addition to the end mills we are able to buy from Molza Tool, I picked up an assortment of tooling from a business liquidation sale in Fort Worth awhile back. Today I created a storage tray that resides in the brown cabinet under the RFID reader and placed both these assorted bits and the additional Molza inventory on it. For the most part, these are not the tooling you will normally use, but if you have a unique cutting need, check there to see if DMS has something that will help you with your project. These are a low cost, one shot deal and will probably not be replaced when worn out, but in the meantime they might be just the thing for your special cutting need.

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Are ball noses included? I’ve been playing with bringing Kees 3d carving back to life as a class

There are a few ball nose bits in one of the regular cabinet drawers. We do not have an inexpensive source for those.