Router Bit Kit on Sale @ Lowes Depot


I have seen quite a bit (he he) of use of the router table lately, usually with some frustration because of, but not limited too, the state of the bit selection.

So if you want to bring your own (I do), hear’s a chance to pick up a semi-decent set at a great price:

Note you should make sure you get a 1/4 inch collet that fits DMS router at the same time.


I need a box like that made for the Leather Hand Press Dies.


Buy the kit and throw the bits away? Just tossing great ideas out there…because I am helpful.


I can sell you a box just like that for 49.99 (offer good till 11/28) :wink:

That is a really good price, can’t beat < $2 a bit.


Thanks buddy. Just ordered it.


I got this 24 bit set for $36 and its been pretty solid


Reminder…pretty sure we don’t have a 1/4 collet for table router. Unless it has been found. Or returned. Or replaced.