Rotocaster for sale


I Have been asked by maker space to move my Rotocaster I do not have a space for it anymore and would like to see it go to a good home, It needs very little if no work to be used, has a 4 foot by 4 foot area for casting and takes up a little over 4 feet squared of space, It can be seen in the shop behind the vacuformer, I have about $800.00 in it and will take any reasonable offer for it I need it gone by the weekend. message me or call 817 845 4455


I really need to sell this, Fist person with $350.00 takes it home :slight_smile:


If you do not mind me asking, why does DMS want this tool gone? what is it missing to stay at the space?



If its on loan it needs to have classes taught on it monthly. Otherwise no one knows how to use it and its pretty much personal storage.

That would be how it could stay at the space. I don’t know why its wanted out other than its in the pallet storage area


If this tool is still at the space I might be able to use and later teach a class on it. I need some information on it first.


Hi, I wanted to ask the specs and info on it. If it works and such I would be interested in it. Thanks kindly- Chris


I know it’s been a while, this still available?