Rotary Status for laser

Hey yall,

I haven’t been up to the to the makerspace for a little while. I wanted to know if the rotary is back up and running? I may need a refresher on it if anyone is available.



We don’t have a rotary available for the thunder lasers, the new Epilog Fusion has an easier to use rotary and is a better fit for most jobs.

Thanks for the info @michaelb . Is there any training required? Where can I find documentation/info on how to use it?

Training for the Epilog rotary is included in the Epilog laser class. At least it was in mine.

Thanks @mdredmond. I will have to keep an eye out for the class.

I just took the epilog class with @ScienceElf and he does go over the rotary tool, and has some great tips on how to use it properly. I heard someone else who took an epilog class where they didn’t cover the rotary tool, so it may not be a universal topic yet


Thanks @Popcorn for the information. @ScienceElf do you have any plans to teach the class in the near future?

I just posted another Epilog Fusion class for the 21st @ 6:30 pm. It should hit the live schedule in 72 hours.



Awesome. I will sign up for it.

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and BAM! - it’s full. lol!

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If anyone hasn’t made it in yet, I’m putting another up that should hit the calendar in the next few days. I also am more than happy to do 1 on 1 classes on the topic on request.