Rolling Mill question


I have some copper wire I’d like to put through the rolling mill. Problem is … it’s only about 6" long. Is this even feasible?

It’s about 0.025" in diameter and I’d like it slightly flatter. I tentatively plan to put it through the main rollers (not the D-groove) but am open to all advice.


It’s feasible, I frequently roll wire flat that’s 1" long or less.

When you go to roll it, make sure you open the rollers up to the same width of the wire, and the very slightly tighten them for flattening. Just tighten a little at a time and then pass the wire through again until you get the right size, measuring the width in between each pass.


Thanks much!

You’ve given me the confidence to actually try the other wire I have. It’s a slightly better gauge for what I need but it’s only 2" long. As soon as I get it annealed I’ll be able to try it.


BTW we do have draw plates also round half round, oval and I think square, and triangle


Our expansion plans includes a draw table for them