Ritual Against Nuclear War

Hey guys maybe a weird place to put this but I want to know if there is a science that can quantify the effects of rituals such as this one that I did?


I don’t have an answer but I would be very interested in researching this and similar topics.

Maybe use “remote viewing” to determine the effects on a particular person or location:

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Well I have an example, I was doing rituals for healing and unification during 2017-2019 in Africa, the UK, and America. In 2019, I began to believe that what I was doing was evil because of legalism in the Christian church and so I stopped. In 2020, Covid hit and we all had to divide and separate ourselves.

Other than looking back at the proof over time, what other methods might exist to document effective and successful spiritual healing? Possibly without the need for a pandemic?

I’ll take a stab in the dark and suggest using the scientific method for this:


Thanks for the feedback dudes.