Ripping out stitches?


Has anyone tried anything like this? It looks like a blinding flash of the obvious if it really works.


I’ve never actually tried this method, but it makes sense to me. I’ve unravelled lost of old cashmere sweaters to recover the yarn and its like a giant zipper once you get it started. I suspect if you put a knitting needle on one of the rows it would top the unraveling at the right place.

Yep. If you google “knitting lifeline” you’ll find a lot of variations of this, depending on when you put it in and why.

Knitting in general, ripping back, you can lose stitches, and importantly, the direction they’re twisted. A lifeline lets you preserve that. Then just pick the stitches back up with the appropriate needle. Super convenient.

This is extra common in lace knitting because of the abundance of holes, twisted, combined, and increase/decreases. It’s very hard to just rip out and pick up lace knitting.

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