Richardson Wireless Klub invites DMS - Call for Help


Here are a couple of good pics. I still have to finish the final wiring on the screen and power in the uBITX, but I have tested it with ft8 and received psk31.

It is micro bitx.

The bitx radios fill a voided in the amateur market by being inexpensive and easy to build so they remove that barrier to upgrading for techs looking to upgrade but can’t afford black box rig. Building and breaking my bitx40 bu feeding its power backwards helped get me back into electronics. The arduino nano based VFO makes it a very hackable rig. USB cat control from the nano means you only have to add a couple of audio patch cable and a computer or phone to start working digital modes. Lastly there is a wonderful community working on mods, hacks, and updates that can be a great resource for answering questions.

I hope that’s concise enough.


Thats great. Thanks.


Btw holding alt and typing 230 will give you the Greek Mu symbol


Sounds like it’s going to be an interesting mtng!



Here is the info for the electronics pages. Thanks!

Popular Electronics Classes Offered on an Occasional Basis

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