Richardson Wireless Klub invites DMS - Call for Help


RWK, the amateur radio club in Richardson has invited me to do the presentation at the March meeting. The topic will move from Introduction to Arduino to Microcontroller Projects in Amateur Radio. It will include slides on DMS and our classes.

I would like to include slides on projects by DMS members. If you have a related project that you would like included, please send a short description and a photograph. We will have a couple tables set up and with demos and projects to show during the break and after the meeting. You are welcome to join and brag about your work. The date is March 11. I will posting details on a new topic here about ten days before the event.

@Team_PR @Team_Electronics - RWK has 166 members. Lets prepare a handout to tell them about DMS. I propose a letter size sheet folded to give four pages. Team PR gets the first two. Team Electronics gets page three. The back page will list electronics classes. (I’ve been promising Jimmy Tanner something like this forever.)

[EDIT] Actually 214 members - around 80 attend the monthly meetings.


Be sure to include a link to the calendar so the page does not go entirely stale.

Edit: Also point out how to filter by categories…


You should take Walter’s demo direct conversion receiver. The Raduino VFO on it is arduino based. It’s also on my Bitx40v3 and uBITX.


Excellent idea! Walter was a highly respected member of RWK. Who should I see about using it?


Start with @artg_dms


@artg_dms - Do you have the receiver? It would be appreciated by this group.


It’s on the AR desk in the back of the Elab.



Here’s a thread w/some background.



@artg_dms @Adam_Overman - That’s fantastic! I’m not sure how portable it is. I would like to pick up a couple of key components around March 1 and return them after the April 11 RWK meeting.

Art - Is that ok? I’m fine to go with just the picture and story if you would rather.

I would like to also have a slide in memory of Walter that mentions his DMS activity and many classes. Seems like there was something on the forum or wiki but I don’t remember where.


Take the board.
Don’t take it apart.
I think Adam has used it and found it in working order.


Thanks very much!


Yup, Ben and I hooked the antenna up and fed the beefy rails 12v it fired right up. It worked great, but it could use one more stage, a broadcast band filter. The raduino software on it is interesting because it shows just how far the community has developed it. On my µBITX I use [KD8CEC's]( fork of the software which gives me CAT control by plugging the USB on the Nano into a computer. I’m using a rPI for my digital shack in a box build.

Here are a couple picks of my Bitx40v3 that show it.


Here’s some links on Talk on some of Walter’s projects.
Don’t think anyone made slides, etc.


What a great tribute to a Silent Key (deceased Ham Radio Operator).