RGB LED wiring help

Hey all. I was hoping I could get some help in how I do the wiring for a set of RGB LEDs.

It will be 7 separately controlled strips or LED pixel arrays, totaling 300 (or so) LEDs.
I will be using the PixelBlaze controller with the expansion board for RGB control,
and have a 20 amp 5 volt power supply for the power needs. I’m fine with doing the actual
soldering, just need help in how to lay out the wiring for the signal and power since they will
be coming from separate sources.

Hardware being used is the following:
Pxelblaze controller:

LED strip:

LED pixels:

Power Supply:


I can help you with that. Most important thing is share a common ground

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That and keep the data line short and away from AC cords or high voltage sources like a CRT. At 3.3 - 5 v it doesn’t take much to interfere with a low signal. Current LED RGB controllers are much more robust now however.