RFID Lockouts Being Installed Soon - Check Your Permissions - Here is How

We are going to be installing RFID Lockouts soon on many of the tools and cabinets around the space.

If you do not have the correct permission, you won’t be able to use the tool anymore.

If you have taken the required class for the tool, please check that you actually have that permission.
And if you do not, we can verify that you have taken the class with the instructor and get the permission assigned.

There is a white cabinet in the common room. It has a RFID scanner and printer.
You can print out a list of all permissions you have.

If you have incorrect permissions, please post an issue on Talk and tag the appropriate team.

The instructor must approve you for a permission to be corrected.



Is there a list of tools currently being planned to deploy lockouts on?

I’m wondering since I will likely need to schedule retaking training since most training classes I took were several years ago and I likely don’t even recall who the instructor was (for instance I took woodshop basics right when we moved in to this building and will need to retake it since record import didn’t go back that far)

I believe the woodshop committee has divided the Woodshop Basics into Woodshop 1,2 and 3 with permissions different than Woodshop Basics.

There will be RFID lockouts put on most of the wood shop, metal shop and machine shop tools.
There may also be lockouts put on several items around CA including the cabinets.
Digital Media will have lockouts on their cabinets.
I think many of the other committees are in the process of figuring out what they need locked.


curious if this could be moved into the waiting room area with LARGE signage for greater visibility? it looks a little cluttered where it is. i’ve looked directly at that thing before and didn’t know what it was for.

I can make the sign in the span of an hour if it suits everyone to move it.

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for the machine shop - currently there is a test rfid on the Shark Lathe. we want to see one on the bandsaw and drill press since they are the most abused tools. Eventually, all the big machines will be rfid. the haas has a separate lockout and will remain as is.
To speed things along, we’ll ask that the bridgeport AD be cloned to the bandsaw, so anyone that has taken the BP class (and probably already uses the bandsaw as a result) will have immediate access. All others will have a quick class.


I think that is a good idea. Talk to Stan about doing this. Once you have done this, send me a picture of where it is and I will update this post. Also, you might put a sign in place of where it was to tell them where it will be.

Stan @StanSimmons and Bill @Bill are in charge of it.

I’d suggest the galley in new expansion configuration, space allowing, it being a more central and a natural spot for that everyone stops in at once a day or so. Or a second one in the galley.

You will have to walk through the new community area (Common room) to get into the galley in the new space.

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What is the waiting room? The front lobby?

The front lobby is moving to #102 with the expansion.

The kiosk can be unplugged to move it and it will reboot itself when plugged back in. There are four components: the kiosk and its power supply and the printer and its power supply.

Nobody was grandfathered in when the hands-on version of Woodshop Basics was created, so yours is probably no longer valid. I believe there will be an express route from Woodshop Basics or Woodshop 101 to the new scheme.

I think what @brenly is suggesting is that we move it to the current lobby and put signage up asking people to check their permissions.

I think signage would be great. I’m not certain where you would put it in the lobby. I would check if Stan wants to move it or not. I think it is fine where it is. We might get another one built and put somewhere else.

There should be signs on the RFID lockout boxes saying what is required and you can check if it works.

I would leave it where it is until the expansion move.

Is scheduling of a bridgeport / colchester lathe classes on an impromptu basis? I didn’t see any on calendar and would like to take the next available class to avoid being locked out in the future

(As an example of past informal training, ~3.5 years ago Walter Anderson taught me how to use lathe before formal classes existed Need lathe help, Wednesday evening)

You should talk to @nicksilva for your grandfather certification.

You will be grandfathered in on the lathe. And I should easily be able to add you to the other ADs

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Brandon, I’ve added you to the Clausing Lathe AD group per Nick’s approval.


Agreed, but a small sign posted above it would be very welcome.


A small sign? for a project that would potentially lock out a large portion of our members from doing what they join the space to do in the first place? just making sure we’re clear here.

There isn’t room for a large sign… and from what I’ve seen no one reads signs around here anyway. :wink:

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