Revenge toys as gifts


We all have people that drive us crazy. What’s your favorite gift for their children to repay that craziness?

I got my nephew one of these:


What was the name of the BB gun from yesteryear?

Why does that come to mind?

How much was this?

Red Ryder? aka Dead eye, aka One eye


Play doh, Lots and lots of it…

Holiday gift criteria:
Have a million pieces
Makes noise
Throws projectiles
Is wet
Hurts when you step on it

Bonus for multiple categories


And child must instantly bond with it so parent can’t take it away without neighbors calling Child Protective Services due screaming, howling, and crying.


Fart putty falls under those 2 categories.


That stuff is GREAT!

Also embarrasses the parents and the little boys delight in it!

At the renfair, there’s a guy that sells a bajillion of these clay bird pipes that chirp when you fill them with water and blow. They shriek at a nice high loud pitch if you blow harder (kids usually do).

And once a kid gets their hands on one, the noise is incessant. OMG

I always think to myself, wow, that was a poorly planned purchase by the parent and is gonna be a FUN ride home…

Assuming the clay bird doesn’t meet with a terrible “accident”. Ahem.

I’ve always thought these would make amazing revenge gifts to little kids



Years ago my wife and I were at a mall… I think it was the now-gone Prestonwood Mall, where I got one of those whistle pops. Little did I know that it was the same frequency as a common rape whistle… I was just torturing a security guard with it until he figured out what was going on - about 10 minutes time - and yelled at me. Little short bursts… here and there… and his head would just to back and forth as he tried to figure out where it was coming from.



Evil Genius award to @Raymond for this season’s entry.


My daughter brought home an “Annoyatron” as a perk from a school fundraiser several years ago. It was a matchbox-sized electronic circuit which would emit a single chirp loudly and randomly every 3-4 minutes. Often enough to be very annoying, slowly and randomly enough that it was nearly impossible to track down.


I had a very disliked boss about 6 years ago. He was new to the department, not far off from retiring, and honestly didn’t want to work. His first order of business was giving me half his work that my old manager used to do. Then often times he would want to meet for 1-2 hrs every morning while he went through his emails and got me to give him the info he needed to respond. I got the annoyatron and set it to chirp like a cricket and put it under his desk during a meeting. a few weeks later I found a new job and put in my notice. Right before I left I put a new battery in. Sadly I missed it, but I heard that about a week after I left he absolutely lost his mind about the cricket in his office. I have a feeling part of the stress was having to do his and some of my work and attempt to keep up the appearance that he was actually the one running the show. The cricket chirping finally made him snap.


I have also watched that dude smoothly sell those whistles to kids. More than once did I watch an interaction exactly like this.

kid walks by and stops because he hears the bird chirp. Kid wanders over cause the guy is holding the whistle out

Kid: mom I want that!
Mom: no, you should save your money
Kid: you said I could get 1 thing (pulls out money and buys it anyway)
Mom: (wishing she hadn’t given the money directly to kid and dreading the rest of the day) audible sigh
Whistle seller: (smirks like a boss)


and last post for this morning, but it reminded me when I was about 5 my aunt got me a fireman’s hat with flashing lights and siren. Of course it came pre loaded with batteries and she insisted I try it on and run around the house with it immediately. I loved it, and couldn’t understand why the lights and siren didn’t work when we got home. but that was okay because I could mimic siren noises with my mouth, which I promptly did. That hat disappeared really fast.


Make a great car air horn.

Voice Morphing Megaphone. Be sure to include extra long life batteries in the package for days of revenge!

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Reading these wonderful toys to give. I’ll make sure to install long life batteries and super glue the cover shut so the little ones can’t lose the batteries … or a parent

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