Retro Lounge Volunteering

Hi There,

I was wanting to volunteer to help finish up the retro gaming lounge and I was wondering who I need to reach out to in order to do some work on it.

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hey Kia, i actually asked about that the other day. There are a few working parts in progress. I believe its happening soon.

Paging @mrcity ?

I thought @Hardsuit was doing some significant work in there?

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He has a vision and is super particular regarding the skill level of anyone involved. Although it might not look it, most of what is left to do is finish work and it is very detailed in nature. Not a good project to learn on.

There are a lot of great projects around the space that aren’t quiet so detailed in nature that are looking for help.

Yes, this project is by @Hardsuit - The builder of the cool Tahiti pinball machine that used to be in the lobby. Being detailed oriented is an understatement.


Really the only thing I’m working on is the fancy LED backlit baseboards. Motorsports is working on bring in a racing sim rig, and Vector members should be bringing in a pinball or two.

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Any way I could help out in the meantime? My family has some old Bose tower speakers and I have an old receiver we can use as a sound system for the TV (or we could just get a speaker bar). Maybe some more seats like beanbags?

Really, it is just a cool idea and I’d love to see it finished so I can hang out with people and play some games as a break.

I’d hold off on more seating until we have most of the game hardware in place. I think Motorsports had a rough layout of 70" x 70" for the racing rig setup, and the pinball machines will also take up a fair bit of room.

Speakers are a possibility, but we don’t want it to be a source of annoyance to other DMS members who aren’t into gaming, or are using one of the nearby rooms for a class, coding, editing, etc. Again I’d wait a bit to see what is in use and how it’s being used.

Speakers are definitely not requested as its right next to digital media and would be bad for filming/recording.

thanks in advance!

Makes sense. Maybe a speaker bar would be better than full on speakers? Should be less obnoxious. But I think just the concept of being excellent should apply. If you’re recording then the lounge should be quieter (maybe we can have a sign posted ?)

we can try a bar. i havent had lounge issues in the recordings ive done so far…

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Sounds good, and maybe once we get some more acoustic foam or something, it would be less of a potential issue

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