Retro Computing: Netscape, NIB

When at my sister’s recently, was looking for something in the computer desk drawer and saw Netscape box still in the shrink wrap. She probably got this when she bought a Gateway computer in circa 1990’s, didn’t pay attention to the version, but looks like one of the earlier ones has the ship’s wheel on cover

Is this kind item of interest to retro computer types?

I loved using Netscape and was sad when it disappeared.


yeah kind of. its the ibm version right? circa 1994-96?

Yes to IBM, those dates sound about right.

I say eBay it.

There are those who collect things like old boxes of every version of Windows.

Someone who actually wants to run it can download it.

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OK I’m in. Where do you want to meet?

I don’t have it - my sister’s. Just curious about it. On eBay they look like $20-$35 so it really isn’t valuable. Will see if she wants to get rid it. Will be there again after Labor day

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