Results - Antique Radio Auction in Garland, TX on August 26, 2017


There will be a live auction in Garland, TX, of Antique Radios and other Electronic Test Equipment. Now most of the items are dated prior to 1960, that were built with the old bakelite and wooden cases. The auction will also be live streamed on the Internet. Check out the link below for additional photos and details.

Auction Location: 3630 Cavalier Drive, Garland, TX 75042.
Auction Date: Saturday, August 26, 2017

Preview on Friday before the sale from noon to 6 PM and on Saturday prior to the sale. On-site local only sale will start at 9 AM followed by the main event (internet bidding) at 10AM.

Preview Photos and Information on Auction


Just a reminder of this Auction which is tomorrow, Saturday morning. I pre-viewed the auction earlier today, mostly old radios prior to 1960 and a few pieces of older test equipment. The live auction starts at 9 AM, the live and internet auction starts at 10 AM. If you are into old vacuum tubes, those will be sold starting at 9 AM. I saw about 10 tube testers in the lot, including a TV7/U military grade tube tester. The TV7 is considered one of most sought after tube testers. Se ya’ll there.


Folks, you missed out on a great auction…and items were sold cheap because only about 30 people showed up. You can check the final prices by hitting the link in the first message of this series.

Prior to the internet sales they had some floor sales. I picked up a TV Serviceman’s vacuum tube caddy which was chocked full of tubes for $20. The auction lot previous to this one was a box full of 200+ vacuum tubes which had a no bid, this lot was added to the tube caddy item so I got both of them for $20. During the regular local/internet auction I picked up a working B&K Model 700 tube tester for $50, I was the only bidder and that was the minimum bid. Ebay is listing this item at $250. Like I said…things went cheap at this auction.

Anybody interested in checking their vacuum tubes in the Electronics Lab? I can bring in my tube tester almost any time. Just let me know.


Any 6L6, KT88, 6C33, 300B in that collection of tubes?


Nope, none of those in the collection. Anybody else looking for any specific tubes?