[Resolved] Zing printer settings don't work after windows change?

Trying to get the zing to raster and vector for me but the new “simplified” print preferences windows 10 has implemented is messing up the way I know how to cut with it. Using known good pdfs.

How are we getting it to cut now days?

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Have you tried to emulate other Windows versions for compatibility? You can start an App in WinX under compatibility mode. I think it’s a right-click on your App icon, then Properties.

Shame on me for thinking Microsoft edge would be competent at using the print feature of a PDF. I was supposed to open the PDF in Adobe reader.

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I think you should have stopped at “Shame on me for thinking Microsoft edge would be competent” :slight_smile:

For some *&^%$#g reason Windows 10 now CONSTANTLY resets my browser and PDF viewer to Edge, along with resetting many other primary apps to things like 3D photo viewer, Edge etc…

VERY annoying.