[Resolved] Woodshop Jointer Down 2022/08/27

Hey so i was using the powermatic jointer this morning and i noticed some smoke coming from the conduit. So i shut off the jointer from the breaker and unplugged the big ol blue cable connecting to said conduit. Not sure what else to so but i figured that maybe just maybe this is something i should let people know about.


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Can anyone up there put a sign on the jointer stating it is down until someone can look at the issue? If possible also turn the breaker off - I believe the breaker is located in the main electrical room.

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Before i left i turned off breaker and left sign :+1:


Any timeframe on it being up again or maybe being able to use a different plug/circuit for the jointer in the temporary?

There was a short in the wires and the guys are investigating the wiring now to see if new wire needs to be pulled or if the failure is in an easy-to-repair portion.

I don’t think we have another plug nearby to temporary into - so we will need to fix what we have. Not sure about the timeframe, but the guys are working on it.


Thank you I appreciate went to mill lumber today and then saw it wasn’t working. Hope it can get up again soon. Can we change title of this to say that Jointer is down instead of conduit then others might know too before making trip

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Hi @Team_Woodshop. Is there an ETA for when the jointer will be back up and running?

Hopefully the repair will be completed before the weekend begins.

Is that optimism or first hand knowledge :smiley:

How’s the jointer outlet coming along? Any help that is needed?

Stay tuned.


Awesome to see it resolved!! Thanks for the work you put into it I really appreciate if

Special thanks to @TBJK for getting this taken care of tonight. Thank him by showing up for the Saturday air-pipe round up. Tired of the air going down? No wood shop, no lasers? Come join us and help replace the plastic tubing with real black pipe. Meet folks and learn how to fit pipe.


When are you doing the black pipe?

It’s on the Calendar. Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, 1pm to 8pm (or so) both days.