[resolved] What's down? Looks like much of the shop

Per the other thread, I marked the Delta table saw as inoperable.

Tool status board shows the following items as red/inoperable. For all of them the status is old.

Laguna Bandsaw
Delta Bandsaw
Edge Sander
Festool Random Orbital Sander
Festool Orbital Finish Sander

Both Jet Mini lathes show degraded capability (yellow) since February.

Could someone please do a quick update or let me know and I’ll update the Tool Status Board?

I was in yesterday morning and on Sunday and Monday mornings.

Laguna bandsaw appeared to be operational. I used it on Sunday and it seemed to be working fine. I had to unclog the dust collection port, but other than that it was all good.

Delta bandsaw is down with a broken part that it seems is being acquired or made by the machine shop.

Planer was not marked in the shop as nonoperational, but it is known to have rollers that do not feed properly and chipped/missing blades.

Did not use or see the edge sander being used, but it had some paper on it.

There was a Festool ROS and finish sander that were working as of yesterday. Paper does not like to stay on the finish sander, but otherwise those are good.


We made the part last night. Someone will need to put a blade on it to test it.


Sounded like Air Compressor is degraded

drill press is degraded severely, table height adjuster is broken.
Both dust collectors have needed new filters for more than a month, and are severely degraded.
CNC router needs maintenance and new bits

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Thanks for the info. I updated everything you described.

Can anyone else address the Jet lathes and the edge sander?

If the jet drum sander is decommissioned why does it even need to be on the tool list? Both small jet lathes were being used this weekend, how does someone find out what “broken part” is the problem? There’s also a new thread that said table sander needs belt replaced but I don’t see that on the tools list. The tools list shows the dust collector as green but it still shows part broken on status line

Maintaining the structure of the list is a manual process. I’m still trying to find someone who has both the ability and the permissions to edit the list structure.

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Any update on the drill press? I was at DMS yesterday and it still had a Do Not Use note… I have several projects and need to use it… as I’m sure lots do…

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This is a two year-old thread. The drill press needs a new power switch, should be up soon.

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:joy: I saw the age of the thread after I posted :joy::joy:
It was the only thread to come up regarding the drill press. I need a class on talk or need to know how to search things…


Even better, I believe it’s a different drill press.


This is what happens when someone asks for a “one-to-one replacement.” :rofl:

Do you know when? Are we waiting on the part? Or is the switch here and you need someone to install? I could preform that service if the switch is here… sorry I’m at a point where I need the drill press… if I can help please let me know…

I don’t know when. I don’t know if the part’s here. I’ve been told that volunteers are working on a solution.

The parts are here, installation will be tomorrow. In the interim if your needs are desparate there is a drill press in the machine show that can be used as long as you clean up EVERY last spec of wood. I’ve used it for this purpose before but cleanliness after use is a REQUIREMENT.



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Thank you…

Can the Volunteers respond? Do you have an ETA? Is the part at Makerspace? Can I help in any way???

Thanks Freddy,
I’ve got 60 - 2 1/2” holes with a hole saw to drill… I’m not even going to attempt that in the machine shop… if it’s going to be up and running today great… if not I’ll just use my 1/2” power drill, thank you for responding… if I can help in anyway let me know…

Hey I want go give a shout out for fixing the drill press… :+1:
It was nice to use it today, it made short work of a little project that would have been really hard to do with a cordless drill…
Thank you !


Glad it is working well for you!

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