Resolved: Status of Multicam: OPERATIONAL [2/18/2020]

Does anyone know how long the multicam will be down? I went to use it tonight and it had a sign stuck on it. I couldn’t see anything mentioned on talk.

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Maybe @Kevin knows. :joy:

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Something on the other note about the spindle making bad noises?

From what I’m hearing it sounds like the spindle bearings could be bad, that means a rebuilt spindle. Depending on if we can find a rebuild place locally or get another spindle, it would take a while. We should have one from last time it needed rebuilding.

Here’s one (I’ve seen other PDS spindles on Multicam machines)

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@shoottx @LAndras and I checked out the spindle last night. It seemed to run fine but I did notice a noise like a rattling like debris being stuck inside. We decided to take it apart to investigate. One of the main threads holding the spindle together was already sheared which could have been part of the problem, the bearings seemed ok but it is worth replacing them at this point considering the abuse they take it’s been at least 3 years since the spindle has been rebuilt.

Hopefully we should get a new spindle or have this one rebuilt soon. I estimate it’ll take about a week to get it, and as soon as it comes in we can mount and tram it. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks for the update.


I believe Swiss Chris @Chris_Wischkowsky replaced the spindle 12-18 months ago.


New spindle will be here on Monday.


Did the new spindle come in today? Need any help?

New spindle was delivered, believe it will be installed tonight.


Multicam is back in operation


It was installed and I trammed the spindle withing 0.003" over 4", milled the spoilboard.

The spindle was mounted about 1" higher on the spindle plate so we had to hack off some off the dust boot. We are looking at options for a better dust boot.


Not sure what you’re looking to change but I have the solidworks model of the current design if needed.

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