[Resolved] Screw size for SSD mount?

I’m helping a friend of my daughter install an SSD Drive. There is a socket for it on the motherboard and a metal stud at the back to lock it in place.

This stud is threaded to accept a screw, but no screw is present.

Does anyone here know what size screw is needed? I’m guessing M2 or so, but knowing is half the battle.

This is the stud in question.

Alternate question: is it OK to operate the machine without this screw? The SSD pops up a bit without it, so I’m thinking it is required for proper contact with all the pins.

You need the screw, for sure. It should have come with the motherboard, so make sure you check the box it came with if you still have it.

Not sure on the screw size, it’s really tiny, smaller than M2 IMO.

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I just ordered the specific screw kit for this.

Found this online its a M2x3mm


I subsequently found a Reddit post which said M2x2.5mm or M2x3mm.

“The nice thing about standards is that you have so many to choose from.”

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