[RESOLVED] - Sawstop down for a week for a tripped cartridge?!

Is there another issue that was found other than the tripped cartridge? Just seem very length, when mark was the chair it was back operational within a day after the party who tripped it was takes to about it

Anyone can run over to Woodcraft or Rocklers or D & R Saw & Tool and buy one (or more) and submit a [something] for reimbursement.

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Done, it’ll be there later tonight, who/how to I submit receipt?


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Thank you sir
Can it just be any vice chair or does it have to be specific to the committee the item was for?

It needs to be the Chair or Vice-chair of the committee. An email/text does suffice as signature for the reimbursement.

I am not the final word, but it’s probably best if it is from the relevant committee involved. I am guessing an electronic signature, e.g. a PM from relevant committee chair/vice-chair to you and @Team_Finance (I think that may be down just one person now == @brsims so maybe he’ll chime in) , and then printed/attached to the form you drop in the box should suffice.

edit: yeah…what he said.

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Cool thank you

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New sawstop cartridges are in the process of being purchased. Should be in today. Y’all need to chill a bit.


The sawstop is once again functional, Kudos to Brad for helping me with this!




Kudos to Freddy for picking up the parts and installing the thing.