[Resolved] Need help with Ender 5 Pro

It printed ok for a few weeks and then one day the bed was too low to do any bed leveling. The nozzle isn’t even close. I understand that the z access limit switch needs to be adjusted but I have no idea how to do that. Unfortunately that didn’t stop me from trying and now 2 little pieces have come off.

Is there anyone who can physically look at the machine and help me fix it? I am not a member but I will gladly join if that would allow me to bring my printer in. I’m just trying to print cookie cutters and I am in over my head.

Thank you.

Can you post a pic or two of your limit switch and the 2 pieces that came out ?

It might be an easy problem.

Failing that, I’m sure someone can lend a hand. ( Possibly me, but my schedule is odd… )

Note - I have never seen an Ender 5 in person. I have an Ender 3 Pro. I did look online and found a couple of pictures of the limit switch. Looks pretty familiar.

And if you’re interested in 3D printing, woodworking, machining, electronics, ham radio, and/or a multitude of other things, joining the makerspace might be beneficial outside of this problem.

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It wouldn’t allow me to post 3 pics so I will just post the one of the pieces that came off.

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@themitch22 probably has the most diverse experience with 3D printers. Perhaps he can help you out.

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Bring it to the makerspace one of the nights this week (tuesday I have plans) and I’ll take a look. Those limit switch is broken, it shouldn’t be that hard to replace. I haven’t used an ender 5 but I assume the limit switch is mounted to a bracket near the back where the bed raises. Usually soldered to a breakout board, soldering on a new one is simple. PM and I’ll make a little time to look at it.

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That looks like the lever and part of the case of the microswitch.

That would explain it not working.

The easy fix is replacing the limit switch circuit board.

$12.99 for a 3-pack and one day shipping with prime.

( Edited for typo. Lever, not level… )


Thanks for the help everyone!

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I just bought one yesterday. Any tips for mods, etc.?

There are a lot of really good how-to videos for the Ender 3s. There is also a very active facebook group.

There’s a hotend fix that helps get the Bowden tube set up right that is somewhat important. You’ll find the “yellow springs” mentioned also. Beyond those, there are two camps. The first group starts printing and are happy with the printer as built. I’m in the second group. I keep tinkering with mine. Main board upgrade ( to a SKR Pro v1.1 with TMC stepper drivers ) and a conversion to linear rails are on my list. I seem to like tinkering more than printing so far. But there are things I’d like to print, and my time to wait at DMS for large prints is limited, so I need to get the thing put back together and get printing.


Oh - watch the power supply connector. There was a batch that were not installed correctly. They get really hot - dangerously so. Easy fix though. Direct wire from the PSU to the control board, or get a properly installed set of connectors. Details many places online.

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Good to know, thanks!

We’ll be in the tinkering camp as well. Upgrading the springs, and adding 1M Capricorn tubing and a silent board. Also printing and adding the filament feed brace. Joined the FB boards and saw several other social media groups for it. Also saw you can make an IKEA purchase into to a housing. We’ll be doing that as well.

BTW, the initial build was really easy. I put mine together in the common room at DMS. Took maybe 4 hours. I wasn’t rushing, so maybe could do it faster.

The IKEA Lack is the shelving everyone uses for enclosures. If you want to print ABS then an enclosure seems like a must.

Upgrading the Ender 3 Pro is great since all the upgrades are relatively cheap on their own but they do add up :slight_smile: I have had mine for about a month and a half and probably spent as much on upgrades as I have on the printer.

Besides the Capricorn tubing and springs look at getting a Creality glass bed, *double gear extruder, and BLTouch. Also a Pi4, octoprint with spaghetti detective plugin, and USB camera. It is great to be able to monitor a print from work and stop it if need be.

Things to consider printing besides the filament brace; enclosure for back of control board, hot end fan duct, ribbon cable holders, Cable chain, gear knob for extruder, camera mount, and Z axis stabilizer (need a bearing to go in it).

*I got a single gear aluminum extruder and it got clogged up causing a print to fail, the Ender5 has a double gear stock on it and so far no problems with on my 3.


Thanks, Great ideas! Paging @heyheymama, @NickWebb

I was able to fix the printer for @Nichole78, it was an easy fix. All the bolts on the printer were loose so took some time to tighten everything.

Gave her a tour, it was great meeting you Nicole.

It seems like a decent printer for the price, I’d do the hotend upgrade and BLTouch definitely, it mainly needs a sturdier bed that doesnt wobble.


Great meeting you too @themitch22 , and the printer is still printing great since I came in so thanks again!

I second those suggestions. I would love to have the BLTouch. And a quieter fan. Otherwise it’s a great printer for what I use it for.

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