[Resolved] - Jointer and plainer suction down

The jointer and plainer arent getting any suction and are backing up and clogging

@SWA pinging you.

This is probably something you can troubleshoot yourself with the help of any others using the woodshop at the time. Start by emptying the Felder dust collector bin to ensure the issue isn’t there. Then check inside the jointer at the dust port…it opens in a straightforward manner. It fills up on occasion and so clearing any dust and chips inside is a good next step. Planer dust port can also be detached and inspected for any large item(s) that might be clogging it. If those steps don’t solve the issue, then there may be something stuck or clogging the path from those tools to the Felder…gently thumping the tubing and ductwork can sometimes jostle or dislodge obstructions along some of those hard-to-maintence runs.

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I believe @got_tools was able to clear the clog.


@jast - can you please mark this as resolved
The clog has been cleared…