[Resolved] I think the dust collector is broken. Please fix asap 9-14-21

So shoutout to HB who came late last night (still tonight for me and any other night owls) and fixed it for a while by laser cutting new foam donuts (gaskets) it needed. He said if the yellow light turns on, it’s bad. It stayed off for about an hour after he left while I was still using the shop. I am new so I just assume this means it should not be used until it is serviced. There are a few other things worth mentioning:

  1. Tim is supoosedly the guy who knows a thing or two about this. Frequent woodshop users may know him. Update him please.

  2. There is supposedly a box of replacement donuts in a filing cabinet that has been moved from the woodshop. If anyone knows where it is, speak up. Another box takes 3 weeks to deliver.

  3. The blade guard on the miter saw is loose or something. I thought it was a safety feature at first since I’ve never used this particular saw, but it’s not. I bet someone who knows the saw could fix it easily.

Please let me know as soon as the dust collector is working and I can use the shop again. Rough day.

Sorry for the miss understanding about the yellow light. It means there a loss of suction or the bin is full… the parts have been ordered…

I just check the Felder and the shop made donuts are holding… and the waste bin bags are sucked down…


If the Felder goes yellow the easiest place to start is to make sure all of the blast gates around the shop are closed.


Awesome. Glad to hear it’s good news. I really didn’t want to be the newbie that broke the most expensive equipment. It was the first time I ever saw the yellow light on at all. I will be back tonight. Thank you for responding.

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Should we consider this resolved?

This issue particularly? Sure. But i think it merits a new issue when the proper parts we have cannot be found. Worth some discussion. My opinion for what it’s worth.

Thanks. I’m going to mark it resolved because when people read just the title they think that (most of) Woodshop is down. The topic isn’t closed so people can still discuss it.

Further discussion is a great committee topic.

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Yellow light measures vaccum pressure the motor is facing so blast gates aren’t really going to effect it as it’s measuring amount of resistance the motor is facing pulling air through the filters, it means they’re starting to get clogged they need to be taken out and blown out but since new ones are on the way and should be here soon it’s a lot of work. To just have new ones come shortly after!

The manual says the filter is supposed to be cleaned every time the bag is changed.

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That I feel is somewhat unrealistic since it’s a pretty big task to clean all of them but should definitely be done when the light coming on is persistent, but as this point were over the manufacturer’s recommendation on the life of the cartridges but it’s already been approved and ordered so they should be here soon