[Resolved]FYI induction forge down 7/16/19

The induction forge developed an internal coolant leak tonight. I put a sign on it and will fix tomorrow evening. Until then, don’t try to use it.

Fixed, at least temporarily. It’s working fine, but has a fitting or two that will need some love before long. If you want to use it, go ahead, just be gentil and stop if you see a leak.


The induction forge is making a low hissing sound when used. Sounds like it could be an internal leak of some kind. I replaced the sign to say out of order. I don’t feel comfortable taking a look at it so I’m just letting you know as it doesn’t seem to be working right.

The hissing is ok, it’s a known phenomenon. Water coming out of the bottom is where you get in the weeds.

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Took your class Tuesday, looking forward to making a S hook over the weekend!

I’ll be at DMS Saturday morning - if you have issues, look me up and I’ll try to help.

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Sounds good, thanks!