[RESOLVED]Front door push bar broken

As of 10am today you can get in but not out the front door. The latch on the push bar doesn’t go all the way in and catches on the electronic RFID controlled lock. If you scan your card the electronic lock opens and you can get in. But if you push the door to get out the latch catches and prevents the door from opening.

Lincoln Property maintenance showed up this morning to adjust the front door because it wasn’t closing. After adjustment the latch was catching on the electronic lock mechanism. LPC is calling a locksmith to assess the situation and will most likely replace the bar. This repair should be covered by LPC.

Don’t go out the front door today until the locksmith fixes it. You can still get in.


Does the button next to the door open the electronic lock? I’m not 100% sure but I assumed that was what it does and have occasionally tried pushing it when the door was sticking and it seemed to help.

(I know part of the problem is the frame grinding against the door but I’ve suspected the bar catching on the electronically controlled lock was also sometimes an issue)

The little button next to the door doesn’t do anything. I don’t think it’s hooked up.

Ahh thanks. Placebo effect then.

EDIT: Kind of like how many elevator door close buttons don’t actually do anything but people will happily press them. I’ve deceived myself into thinking it might be doing something but maybe it was just me pushing harder the second time.

In the event of a fire or other emergency, the three other front doors that are marked “Emergency Exit” should be usable.

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Front door is working 100% again! Lincoln Property sent a locksmith over to check it out, and he found a piece of broken plastic was jamming the push bar. So we don’t need a new one after all.


As the OP, can you edit the title to add (Resolved) or similar?

Note: The door is still sticking however the Landlord is working to address that.

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I can fix that with a sledgehammer and block of wood. :grin:


That is exactly what the maintenance staff will do… Yesterday they used a pry bar to bend the metal frame so it doesn’t stick at the top.