[Resolved] Can you help me make a tool for blacksmithing?


I’m looking to make a jig to help make Christmas-style jingle bells (harness bells). This involves a short segment of pipe used to start folding the bells into their spherical shape.

I found this pipe coupling which has the right diameter, but I need to remove the internal threads.

I think the Colchester lathe is the right tool to do this. Is anyone available to help me on Sunday sometime between 8am and 1pm?

If the lathe is not the best approach, I’m open to other options.


the lathe is the best tool, although it can also be done on the mill if centered just right.
I’ll won’t be there until around 3pm on Sunday if you’re still around and need help.


Thanks for the offer, @nicksilva. We have an Open Forge Sunday morning, and were going to try making bells when class concluded at 2pm. I was hoping to have the jig completed before then.

If no one else can help, I’ll take you up on your offer - a late tool is better than no tool :slight_smile: