[Resolved]Anyone claim this box?

Anyone know who this box belongs to? It has been stashed on shelf #1 in the Science area for a while. Looks like there is some 3d filament, Ritz crackers, and a Red Bull in there.


I prefer wheat thins, strange were they planning on using that for a class?

“3D Printing: how to successfully snack and stay awake all night waiting for your print to finish”


Somebody too cheap to spend the 20 bucks to have a personal storage bin.

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If the box is not removed by Sunday August 23 then then it is going to be disposed of, crackers and all.


Perhaps hold onto the filament?

Assuming nobody claims the box, the filament will be donated to 3d Fab (also assuming they want it). It’s been sitting here long enough to be coronavirus-free.

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Not that my opinion is worth anything, but…
I think a note should be on the physical box immediately if not sooner; not everyone reads TALK.
It might be worth asking @Team_Infrastructure if they’d be willing to purgatory the box, perhaps even immediately. The foodstuffs should be disposed of, though. No need for vermin in the…well…anywhere, frankly.

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Tagging @Team_3D_Fab
When people left stuff behind in their bins, they often asked to have the remains donated to committees. I took 3D fab many spools of filament. Max gave it away to other committees because it was never orange. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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We will gladly accept free filament. Also I will accept that redbull for myself :slight_smile:


I thought unclaimed items had to be dumpstered, so as to not create an incentive for DMS or membership to declare property abandoned? @Team_logistics ?

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Yep. To the trash it goes

Ok good to know. Do we have this in writing somewhere? Didn’t see anything in the rules

Keeping clear of Texas property laws. We certainly don’t want to set a precedent for just deciding to claim people’s stuff and reuse it around the space


This evolved for several reasons, as Peace noted (while I was writing)

  • DMS can’t convey title (give away or sell) property it doesn’t own
    • When we had offsite storage and did purges, dumpster diving was like sea gulls attacking spilled fries on the beach
  • How would you react, if say, your stuff was given away, and you saw someone with it? Probably going to be an incident.

What you will see more and more off are committees rules and storage rules that say if something is left over a certain amount of time or improperly stored it is deemed abandoned property and DMS dispose of how it sees fit.

Generally, DMS puts it in purgatory for 30 days, giving the person a chance to come claim it - because life happens, but after that - to dumpster.

I guess someone was keeping a box of their stuff hidden? HaHa.

Should I hand off the box to logistics for the 30 day purgatory on Sunday? Or straight to the trash instead?

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They already made us make a rule for that, didn’t they?

Your committee; your area of responsibility; your call (obviously, you’ll need cooperation to purgatory it; none to bin it…)

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Put a sign on it saying “free”?

If that is too controversial, there is always Lost and Found…

Does Lost and Found still exist with this Covid thing going on? The best solution is for the owner to claim the box, but nobody has come forward yet.