[RESOLVED]2/9 Drum Sander still down

Hi Makers, the Drum Sander has been down for at least a month. What’s the ETA on getting it repaired? Is this a budget, time or talent issue? How can I help?

Thank you

Pertinent info within

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Awaiting parts. One part was on backorder until February 5th, an important part, so I am hoping they will show up this week.

We will get it fixed as soon as parts show up.

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Can anyone share the link to the tools status page? Thanks!

from here:
click here

takes you here

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Ok. So, it’s still not working? I didn’t see it on the attached list.

It appears to be to have been working recently, per this post

I’m willing to donate and install an industrial grade E-stop switch if needed. I can bring it and do the install today. Just let me know. Thank you

That would be a question for @prl2018 Paul. I am just reporting what I read…

We have some spares in Metal I think, would be happy to spare one if it’s suitable.

@prl2018 if you want to check the stock send me a PM and I’ll tell you where they are.


Understood. Paul any objections to this? Thanks

Can confirm the drum sander is back online. I used it last night.

However, the belt came loose (the gripped end ripped off) and I had to cut a notch in the belt so it would grip. I tested it several times after this and it worked though it is not ideal. I saw the belt in a rough state before I started but did not have the presence of mind to take pictures or avoid using the tool entirely. I take responsibility for that oversight.

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If you would do that it is greatly appreciated! Don’t know if you’ve seen Jim’s post. I’ll tie you in to the PM. Thank you!


The machine is now running correctly. I verified for proper operation per the manual. Thank you.


Fantastic! Thank you very much!

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When I used it yesterday at about 2pm, the belt that was on the sander tore off after 5-6 passes. I think it was the one that @pierce fixed the end of. (There were gaps in the belt as it was stretched across the drum.) Jimmy and I replaced it with a new one, and the new one tore off too within a few passes. Just the tip tore like in @pierce’s 2nd picture. So we replaced it again. (It didn’t even occur to me do what @pierce did and cut a new end. But now I know.) I didn’t use it after the second time I replaced the belt. Patrick rightfully gave me the stink eye when I asked for the 2nd belt, so I figured the drum sander and me had had enough for one day. I wound up finishing my sanding with one of the orbital sanders.

A couple of hours later someone asked if it was working, and I told him what had happened to me. So he used it very gently to sand what looked like rectangular maple cutting boards, making very very light passes and it worked flawlessly for him.

I owe the space a belt. Is there any reason we go with 100 grit instead of 80 or 120? On Amazon a box of 3 belts is $42.98 for the 100, but only $29.99 for the rest of the grits.


If you look at Pierce’s 2nd photo, it appears the point of contact for the drum slot to paper is worn on the right hand side. Is the drum making contact with something now (or has done in the past) so that the paper is being worn or cut creating a weak point that gives way?

@bertberaht I can see what you’re talking about, but I don’t think so. When the machine was running, I didn’t hear anything that sounded like there was contact between drum and the shrowd. On the other hand, the roll of sandpaper that I put on tore in that exact same place. I can’t imagine why. Jimmy and eye worked on getting the roll on very cleanly with no overlaps, and we worked to get it on as tight as possible. Perhaps too tight?

Maybe previous damage has created too sharp an edge which leads to a cut/tear. It needs to be a consistent and not sharp edge that the paper bends over. Dies it need to be filed smooth or taped over to eliminate an edge?

Too tight … Not my experience. Opposite is more of a problem.

Well, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to hit that spot with a bit of emory cloth just to make sure the edge is smooth and not the cause of the problem.