Resin SIG- Train the Trainer


Weekends work best, but I can do a weekday evening as well.


I vote Sunday as well


I might be out of town on the 26-27, but as of right now either works.


Thanks everyone for chiming in! I have scheduled the class for 11am on Sunday the 27th and it will be for 90 minutes. Check around 9:30 am on Sunday the 13th and the class should be available for registration. I set the class for approval so as not to get random folks signed up for the class outside of those in this conversation or those who do wish to be trainers on this equipment.

If anyone is unable to make the class, but still wishes to be a trainer then @Jeeves or myself can probably sign you off individually. We are still awaiting the calendar to get an AD Group setup for this equipment but hopefully once we start teaching this class regularly that will be in place. Please let me know if you have any questions.


I was just told about the class and just signed up. I’m looking for classes to start teaching since I’m new here. I’ve had experience with pressure pots using them to help infuse carbon fiber sheets with resin. I hope you’ll approve me for the class :grin:


We would love to have you!


I logged in this morning and saw 7 folks signed up who had said they wanted to teach, that’s awesome, thanks everyone! If you had already chimed in here and signed up I have approved you. If you have not had time to sign up yet but wanted to, please let me know here as I don’t often see the notices. thanks!


Signed up this morning.



Signed up