Resin SIG- Train the Trainer


If you have any experience working with Resin and wish to be trained on the Vacuum Chamber and Pressure Pot; AND you are willing to teach classes on them please chime in here and let me know. @Edenblue and myself will be working on a curriculum to make both of those tools “training required”. Once we have a list of folks who are want in, we will schedule a class and train some trainers.

Tagging folks I know regularly work with resin, you are not obligated, just wanted to make sure you saw this.
@jeeves @kriskat30 @maxk68

Edit- I just remembered @BarkingChicken has also been doing some resin art lately.




I’m not very experienced yet, but I plan to become so. I would definitely like to learn the use of these tools, and would be happy to train thereafter.


Count me in.

Is the vacuum chamber pot steel (as in magnet will stick)? I have some magnet sheets that I am working on printing labels for we can stick on the pressure and vacuum pots. Anything else other than;

Time in:
Estimated Time out (cured):


Also let us know what day and time works for everyone. I work office rat hours 8-5 but live right down the street so am usually available nights.


@mc1252 interest? because you never look at talk… :slight_smile:


I’m interested, but my spare time to teach (or do anything fun) is so flaky right now.

Keep me in the loop, I’ll try make the teach the teacher


I work 9-530 so 6pm and after is best for me during the week.


Maybe the date as well. I know several of the resins take 12-24 hrs to cure so it could cross over day(s). And part of the class will be letting folks know that if you don’t show up within an hour of your de-pressure time then we will remove your items and place them on a shelf (TBD) so the pot is free for the next user.


I’m definitely down for this; love to take part and teach on the equipment after the fact as well.


I would be interested. I work 6-6 wed - sat, every other saturday off. Anytime sun to tues works or after 7 on w-f.


id be interested in taking the class although i work overnights and normal people hours tends to feel like 4 o’clock in the morning to me.

i tend to try and message people one on one to get checked off since i am way outside of the bell curve of normal people hours.


Ok, we have a lot of interest here so we will get a class scheduled. Thank you everyone for your interest and willingness to teach others.


Awesome, it sounds like we have some good interest here. Lets throw some dates around and I will get something on the books soon. I want to make sure as many folks can make it so please vote on what works best for you.

@edenblue @Bernard_Gray @Jeeves @mreynolds @jnorine @mc1252 @brenly

Right now the best times for me are Thurs the 17th from 7-9p, or Sunday the 27th from 10-12a. Does either of those work better for anyone?


I can’t do the Thursday, but the Sunday would work just fine.


I am free either of those.

If we need to split it into two classes due to schedules I can teach the second.


Sunday works best for me


Happy to teach!


@Bernard_Gray @Scott_Blevins @mc1252 @brenly

Any last votes for the first class time?


I have a conflict on Thurs 1/17. There’s an outside chance I’ll be out of town on Sun 1/27, but, of the two options, Sunday is the better for me.