Resin SIG Minutes 1/18/19


Resin SIG Meeting

Attending: Steve Wynne, Linda Wynne, John Norine Jr, Nick Silva, Will Frazer, Eyrah Quashie, Scott Blevins, Greg Kelly, Kevin Odom, Lara Rosenblith, Kris Anderson, Cairenn Day
• Funds:
• $300 from Creative Arts (More may be avail in Feb/March)
 Current expenditure:
 Art Resin – 2 gal $204.59
 Various Silicone Molds $53.35
 Sam’s Cutting Board for molds - $9.50
 1 pack Alcohol Inks $7.79
 Total $275.23, Remaining CA funds $24.77
• $100 from Jorge Soto and Scott Blevins
 Alumilite Pigments/Powders $77.40
 3 packs of Alcohol ink $23.37
 Total: 100.77, $0 remaining
• $20 from Julie Harris – she has also graciously donated some molds and a resin project book - Funds have not been spent
**Suggestion to also purchase finishing supplies – sandpaper, polishing wheels (Steve has already discussed this with Mark Salas and it will be avail in woodshop)
**Discussion of eventual move under plastics committee – Action item for Nick to discuss with his committee

• Discussion of upcoming train the trainer class and pressure pot/vacuum rules– expectations, etc. (Steve/Greg)
• Proposed Etiquette for use: The maximum usage time on either tool is 24 hours. You must add a note to the outside of the tool with your name, phone number, date and time of when you added your project/the date and time it can be removed. Removal time should be based on when the manufacturer states you can remove from a pressurized environment, NOT when the full cure will be finished. Once removed, and if you aren’t taking the item home right away, please move your mold and your note to the cure shelf. If you are at DMS to use the pressure pot or vacuum chamber, and encounter it is still in use after someone’s noted completion time, you are permitted to remove the item and set on the cure shelf so that you may use the equipment. Please attach the prior users note to their project (please tape to their mold, and do not disturb the resin itself). DO NOT remove a vacuum or pressure prior to the end time of the prior users note, this can result in ruining their project. If you come back to the equipment after your pressure time is complete, and another member is using the equipment, please check the cure shelf for your project.
• Proposed rule for Abandoned Work: Any items left on the cure shelf for more than 7 days will result in a call made to the member phone number on the mold to please come pick up their item. If the item is left for an additional 7 days, for a total of 14 days, the project will be removed and sent to off-site storage. Vote: None opposed
• Proposed rule for Violations: Violations to the above requirements, damage to the equipment without notifying a CA chair person or Resin SIG leader, or willful damage to another members project will result in the following disciplinary actions. The 1st offense will range, based on severity of the issue, from a verbal warning, retraining required, or a temporary ban from use of the equipment. The 2nd offense will result in removal from the AD group and retraining required, or a ban from use (temporary or permanent depending on the severity of the issue). The 3rd offense will result in a permanent ban from using the equipment. Anyone operating the pressure pot at an unsafe level will need to retrain on tool due to safety issues (no one wants explosions) Vote: None opposed
*Nick suggested adding an addendum that anyone blatantly ignoring “training only” and usage without training will be banned from use of pressure pot/vacuum. Vote: None Opposed
**Question: What about the people that have already received training through previous classes? Discussion led to decision that there should be a grandfather clause. If said person has received training in the past during a class led by a Dallas Makerspace instructor, please contact sig leader or other trainers to be added to ad group – there will be a sheet to sign that basically just reiterates the safety and usage rules above. Vote: None Opposed

• Upcoming content classes - what are you looking to see on the calendar? Mixed media classes, project classes, 101 classes
• Member thanks –thank you to Steve Wynne, Scott Blevins and Jorge Soto, Greg Kelly, Nick Silva, Julie Harris, Max Kirkland, and everyone who came out tonight
• Other Action Items: AD group creation (complete)
• Show and Tell