Resin printers formlabs status?

whats the story on the formlabs?
SLA isn’t good for generative design I think ill have almost zero support material with resin printing.

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It was still offline this morning when I glanced into 3D Fab.

Pinging @Team_3D_Fab for comment. Last I knew, @maxk68 was looking to see what it would take to repair or replace via Formlabs and also what other options we might look at.


What about Creality3D LD-002R UV Resin LCD 3D Printer?

Certainly an option. Personally I keep my eye on the monochrome 4K printers. I tried to preorder the Elegoo Saturn but the company botched what they were trying to do twice.

whats wrong with the saturn?

wow I didn’t realize how many resin printers are out there, the phrozen is cool!

Theoretically it’s a fantastic printer. Just don’t like how they handled presales. Setup new website and only seemed to announce that on Twitter. Only accepted PayPal, again announced on twitter but didn’t limit to only payment option on checkout. Then disabled the reduction in inventory once it was in your cart. It was supposed to be only one per customer but some folks bragged they got many units (by using the Shopify bots).

My personal experience: logged on an hour early and happen to notice the site was down and saw on Twitter a new link, but missed the PayPal only. Time comes, I scoop an early bird special into cart ($300 first 200 units) and am taken to a waiting screen for checkout. Waiting screen then goes to checkout and is sold out. I go back and get preorder into cart ($400 for 800 units) takes me to checkout. I fill in billing info, takes me to payment, I enter payment info, go to confirm and all units are sold out. This all happens in just over a minute from going live.

They were bombarded with bad social media and held a second round. Second time I have up website. I’ve logged into PayPal (which I despise) and turned on one touch checkout. Site goes live, I add to cart ($400 for 1000) units. Go to checkout and PayPal needs verification. I verify and again all units are sold out. Site has been live for just over a minute.

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The Elegoo Saturn looks awesome, I cannot wait to buy it.