Resin printer available post-shutdown?

Will the resin printer will be available for general (i.e., member) use post-shutdown?

Prior to the shutdown, I think I heard some hall talk that it might be up for elimination or replacement.

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If I recall the printer requires rubbing alcohol - which is in Short Supply™ - to clean prints thus mundane logistics issues are apt to inhibit its use.


Makers should be able to fix that. Time to build a still!

How could that not go over awesome?

Simple Green can also be used to clean uncured resin off of fresh prints (according to a friend of mine with a resin printer).


I could bring my own alcohol …

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That’s what I use. Also there is the water soluble resin.

Simple Green didn’t work for washing my prints. Neither did 40 proof vodka. I made a video about this actually.

I have a partial bottle of 99% I’ve been reusing for resin prints but it’s been limiting me.

@John_Marlow PM and I can print whatever you want in resin, I have about half a liter or clear resin on my Peopoly Moai, I’ve done some DnD miniatures for friends but that’s about it.


Does everclear work?

Maybe Bacardi 151, so if the resin is still sticky, I won’t care because I’ll be passed out on the couch.