Resin filled shape

I am new to using resin and had a question. I am making a wooden sign that will have a shape carved into it. I am wondering if I need to seal the wood before pouring the resin. I am wondering if will soak into the wood and discolor the edges of the shape.

No, it should be fine

Okay, good to know. Thanks!

If it is a very open grained wood you may get some capillary action

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If you overfill and/or mis-pour (likely) you might get resin on the surface outside the hole as well. Will darken the surface much like a clear polyurethane finish might, but can be sanded/routed back down on the CNC.


This is ideal. Resin’s poured surface can be weird and because of surface tension will not be flat. It will either bow up along the edges of the pour if an underpour or bow over slightly/ spill over if an overpour. Flattening and polishing after the pour will give the best effect

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As stated above, you don’t have to seal it first but it can discolor overfill areas. I tend to hit mind with a quick spray of clear finish just to help keep it from soaking into grains. You wont have to wait long after the spray to pour the resin, maybe 30-60 min.

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When I made my mesquite resin table, I intentionally coated the entire surface with the resin as the finish.


Thanks for all the advice. I decided to try adding the resin without sealing it. I used oak and I think it is too porous. I ended up with blue streaks in the grain. I sanded with 60 grit for a while but it didn’t seem to help. The surface discoloration came off but it left what you can see in the pictures. I imagine that is as deep as the resin. I am going to try again but spray a sealer first and see how that works.