Resin filled and carved ostrich egg


Seems like Jewelry Cmte. has that…


Sorry no, Fordom won’t do it. It is 20k rpm and 1/4 HP. You need it to be 1-200k rpm with almost no torque. Fdom is great for wood but something as fragile as an egg :egg: will shatter from the torque. The high speed hand pieces are also great for pierced work on turned hollow vessels where you have a 1/32” wall thickness


I was actually thinking wood is what I would generally work with, but that’s good to know, thanks.


I’ve picked up what I presume to be used dental equipment in Canton. Picks are good for etching. You never know what you’ll find there. I also once saw a couch made out of a claw bathtub.


FYI - here is a comparison of 7 such high speed carvers: carvers
and the one I have: paracarver


Fun Fact, Bobby is actually a local. One of his videos a while back has him shopping at Central Hardwood off NW HWY and Luna.
Would be awesome if we had someone reach out to him and see if he might want to host a class or lecture sometime.

(PS: does the space have a Fordom or other Rotary carver for use for wood carving projects similar to this? I’m working on a wooden cup and trying to figure out the best method for cleaning up the inside I’ve drilled out with a forsener bit.)