Resin filled and carved ostrich egg


Bobby Duke does some pretty neat carving, and he’s now casting his own resin.




I was biting my nails waiting for that egg to explode. This is super cool though!


“My egg is pooping resin” :laughing:


Bobby the resin carver
Made some nifty embryos
If you ever saw one
You would even say it glows…


Sorry, you missed the window. It’s tacky to do this before at least Thanksgiving!

(nicely done by the way)


Oh oh! You just got my attention.


I should point out that if you do egg carving - wear a respirator. Calcium carbonate in the eggs are some Mongo bad stuff. Or vent it somewhere


Resin dust is not any better.

Bobby wears a heavy-duty respirator in the video.


You gonna try this Steve?


No, I have no carving experience, just though it was really cool and wanted to share.


super easy. he’s using a high speed handpiece (dental drill) which turn between 100,000 and 300,000 rpm but low torque. Fits comfortably in your hand. I have one and could show it sometime. requires LOTS of air flow.


Okay, so this is more or less what I am wanting to do with a big piece of cholla cactus (sans the carving part). Resin + Lathe + LEDs and Arduino = one (hopefully) cool table lamp pillar. Perhaps with a wee bit of glow-in-the-dark powder mixed in.


I’ll have to take you up on that sometime, thank you for offering Nick! What does a setup like that run?


It used to be expensive since they were actual dental tools but there are several woodworking ones now. I’d say try your Google fu

TurboCarver is one which was $400. Don’t be fooled by cheaper ones- they may only run 10k rpm and because the are very high torque and often shatter the work


I wonder if there’s a market for second-hand dental tools (drills, picks)?

Granted, Bleach is your friend in this scenario.


There is always one table at gun shows that sells old dental equipment.


Time to Google


so far this is looking like the best option and a good price for all that you get.


Which there is one in Jewelry/small metals, not sure of the model though.