Resawing/Bandsaw Expertise?

I have 4/4 (15/16") Beech lumber (~12" wide, not yet cut to length) that I would like to resaw into at least 50" of 3/8" Beech lumber. I don’t have much experience using the bandsaw for more than cutting shapes or following lines in thin pieces. I have almost no experience with resawing. Would anyone be able to teach me a little bit more about using the bandsaw for resawing? Or, is the Bandsaw class still offered? I don’t think I’ve seen it on the calendar in a while.

In addition to the things that I don’t yet know that I don’t know, I’d like to learn how to make sure the machine is in good working order, ensure the tension is set properly, ensure the blade is aligned, set up for a safe cut, and resaw a board. (I imagine that these are all things that were covered in the bandsaw class)

Resawing is fairly simple but can go wrong quickly.

My two cents:

  • Make sure you have a sharp blade. Dull blades are nearly impossible to keep a straight cut
  • Validate the fence is parallel to the blade [should be perpendicular to the front/back of the table]
  • Draw a line down the length of your board - the visual indication helps you adjust to keep it all straight
  • If you can manage a thicker kerf, make an initial pass on the table saw - the groove will aid in keeping the blade centered [you will lose more material vs using the bandsaw alone]
  • Use a feather board [we used to have a tall one around for resawing] to keep the board firmly against the fence while cutting - only push against the fence in front of the blade, not on or after the blade
  • Go slow - going too fast dulls the blade and will cause the blade to drift off course
  • Adjust the guide to be just above the top of your board
  • Use a push stick once the back end of the board is on the table [last foot or so of the cut]
  • Having a person help support the wood on the outfeed side is nice, especially for longer boards
  • Practice - preferably with similar wood. I was able to resaw a straight line with some scrap softwood that I found at the Space but the blade was too dull for the hardwood I was wanting to cut

The biggest issue I’ve had is the blade being dull. With a sharp blade and going slow, it’s pretty easy.

A decent video - I believe our table has been adjusted to minimize the drift angle.