Requirements for teaching engraving classes?


Hi Jonathan,

I was a Makerspace member prior to COVID, and I recently rejoined primarily because I wanted to work with the Thunder lasers. I retook the Lasers Basics class and since then I’ve been working on making wooden notebook covers. A few folks saw the notebooks I made and mentioned that I should consider teaching a class about it. This seemed like a great idea, and I would love to teach the class (and maybe other ones on how to make simple things, like wooden coasters, etc.). Would it be OK for me to teach these types of classes, and are there anything I should be mindful of?



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Would this be a project class for people who are already certified on the lasers? If so, it’s going to be easy to get committee approval for that. Most committees welcome that type of add-on project class, and frankly, most people don’t ask for approval for that type of class.

On the other hand, if you intend for the class to be a laser certification/qualification class, the committee would consider your request differently.

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Thanks! Yes, it would be a add-on project class for those already certified.

I’ve always found that if you build it they will come.


Yes! You can absolutely teach this as a project class.

Make sure to state clearly in the description that this is not a certification class. And when you create the class, under the “Requires Prerequisite” Section choose “Laser Basics”. Also, make the title something like “Laser Project Class” so it is separate from the Laser Basics classes.

You can charge a reasonable fee for materials if you would like, some of the other project classes are $5 or $10.

Thanks for teaching some classes. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.


@yashsedai @skyspook do we have laser basics set in AD to inherit the other laser groups?

@trapezium at least for a while we had different laser groups in AD. There’s laser basics, laser 101 thunder basics, etc. Only one pre-req can be set on the calendar.

If we have the inheritance turned on it’s fine, but last I recall we were told to keep them separate. Things may have changed but I’m AFK and can’t look at AD to see how it is currently setup.

To avoid this I typically do no pre-req in the calendar, but put a note about certification requirements and Require Instructor Approval to validate people are certified before the class.

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If you’re going to go with Teacher Approval, you’ll probably need to be able to look people up in the Active Directory groups. Let me know if you want me to show you how to do that.

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Is there a way to merge the groups together? I have noticed before that the AD shows lots of options for the laser class. It would be good to merge the ones that are the same (Laser Basics and Laser 101 and I think there is another one similar)

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Thanks, everyone! This info has been extremely helpful. @dryad2b , is there a separate process needed for Teacher Approval? I looked up the instructions for teaching a class, and it said to create the class on the calendar, with a syllabus, pre-reqs, description, and my W-9 (if I want honorarium).

No, we’ve been pretty open to folks just leaping out into teaching. And, not so much to do if you’re doing a project class. A syllabus is a very good idea. It can keep you on track when the ADD types try to derail you with the things that are bubbling in their brain. That can be less of an issue with a project class, but I find I’ve got specific things I want folks to learn, and I have to backtrack because of questions that are out of my flow.

Any member can look at the Active Directory groups.

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There is also an FAQs page on the wiki. Instructor-related questions are the second section.