Requesting requisite run through/training to use the metal shop

I have some experience and knowledge of the main tools and would like to gain clearance to start using them. Thank you.

My availability next 2 weeks
Mondays: all day until 5pm
Tuesdays: morning, after 5pm
Wednesdays: all day & evening
Thursdays: morning, after 5pm
Fridays: all day & evening
Saturdays: all day & evening

There is a “Hot Process” class tomorrow evening that is necessary for all work in the Metal shop, and it currently has spots open:

Almost all classes will show up on the calendar:

Since they are taught by volunteers classes typically don’t show up until roughly 10 days out, so you’ll need to check the calendar regularly. If there is a particular class you would like to take, it is easier to request the specific class and hopefully someone willing to teach sees the request. Also please consider teaching sign-off classes on the machines to help minimize the backlog/need of other members [just check with the committee chair with their teaching requirements].

The first class you will need to take is the Hot Process class, so sign up for that ASAP.

The other way [at least in the past] to get checked out on specific machines [still requires taking the Hot Process class] is to show up at the Committee Meeting - and it looks like they’ll have one on Dec 4.

Also go to the “Member Access (Green Dot)” category and request your “Green Dot” [shown next to your name] - it will open up the “Members Only” part of the forum. Welcome to the Makerspace.


I understand that we’ve got a TIG class that’s waiting on the 72 hrs to be available for signup, and a Dynatorch (CNC Plasma Cutter) class also waiting in the wings.

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Steve if you already know MIG and TIG come to the next machine shop meeting and we can do a quick “show me you can weld” sign off, but as previously mentioned take the hot process class, its short, and covers general safety and makerspace specific topics.

Did sign up for dynatorch class, and waiting for TIG class to show up. Thanks.
Can I request a MIG class? I have done it a couple times but would prefer a refresher session.

DC TIG class should show up tonight or tomorrow, I don’t remember when I submitted it. @MTLmanglr has been doing the MIG classes recently, we’ll get a class scheduled in next few weeks.