Requesting info on DMS equipment mainainance procedures

We (protospace calgary) are attempting to forge some sensical maintainance system.

Would be interested in DMS experience, what worked, what didn’t.

So far we’ve come up with only ideas…using google calender’s to do regular occurring events-oil changes, etc, and attached flip cards to indicate non-regular stuff like changing jointer, planer blades.

We have partially implemented QR codes that link to our wiki to, for example, show how to install bandsaw blades

Would muchly appreciate comments on history, implementations etc

Eric in Calgary
[email protected]


Hello Eric,
As one of many who takes care/maintains the equipment, we dont really have much of a system currently. Unfortunately we dont have the manpower to do so. We tend to do mostly break/fix maintenance. We do occasionally get a little maintenance in between the break/fixes, but unfortunately its not the norm. If I had the time, I would follow/create a PM schedule that is recommended maintenance procedures per the manufacturer’s recommendations of the equipment. That is one of the things I do as a day job, its just unfortunate that it’s difficult to create & follow in our environment being all volunteers.

As the saying goes, squeaky wheel gets the grease.


As an … observer … of DMS affairs in more recent years, it’s like Tim as stated - in the face of amateur users that can be hard on equipment and tools a volunteer ‘workforce’ reacts as things break. There’s an effort to have certain critical spares onhand and designated maintainers to contact but I’ve yet to see maintenance done on a neat schedule. To the extent I’ve seen anything like PM, it’s mostly pre-scheduled events such as committee meetings where attendees might go over centerpiece bits of gear that see heavy use.

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@ERIC.COYLE I think we’d be very interested in anything you can share regarding what you’ve found to work well.

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I am hoping to have something to report, but if you know what “bike-shedding” is that seems to be how it is going so far

Thank you for the reply. We also are currently in the break-fix scenario. I too am one of the folks whom does the maintenance for our woodshop.
I really appreciate all the comments from DMS so far

Oh I suspect anyone that’s had anything to do with makerspace politics is all too familiar.