Request: Leather bookmark that doubles as a pen sleeve

I need a pen sleeve for my bullet journal. I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for, so I’m hoping I can just commission it. I don’t believe it will use more than an 8 inch square of leather and 2-3 stitchings.

I don’t know anything about leather. If possible, I’d like to just commission this and move on. If I can’t, I’ll find another solution.

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Definitely doable - what exactly are you looking for with a design?

I’m imagining the cross section look something like a 9, where the top loop is where the pen goes and the bottom hook goes into the back page of the journal.

This is my solution at the moment. I’m using the “pen trick” for bullet journaling. I hate it. The tip of this pen(cil) is very sharp and I don’t want it to get damaged. It catches on just about everything. And it puts pressure on the elastic.

What I would like is something like this but with a tail so that it fits into the back page of my journal nicely. (this is more of a C shape, and I’m looking for a 9 shape). I’d also like to to be more tightly bound and only needs to hold one pencil like this (however, I believe this one is part of the cover. I imagine you’d need fairly thin leather to make it fit nicely into the back page of my journal and I don’t know if that’s going to be a challenge (thinness vs durability). It might need an extra layer of material around the tip to keep it from poking through.

I’m betting you’ll need to measure the pensil itself to make it fit snuggly. I’m not sure if the clip should go clip over the leather or have a U shaped cuttout for the clip to go. But I’m betting that depends on how snug the pencil fits.

I apologize - I’m having a hard time picturing what you mean by a 9 shape.

We have a Leatherworking SIG meeting tonight from 6-7:30 (and it shouldn’t take the whole 90 mins) if you wanted to stop by and talk more.

I think it’s ultimately doable and not horribly difficult, I’m just being a little slow today.

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I can probably do that. I’ll DM you my cell.

@jnorine Bring yours for an example. Might be similar to the pen lock, with a closed bottom portion to protect the pen tip.

Hey, I’m not exactly sure what the next steps are for this. I don’t have any leather but probably don’t need more than an 8 inch square. I’m also not sure how to proceed. I can pay for materials and time, but I just don’t know what to do next.

I discovered today that the tip of my pencil is bent. If I can’t get his made, I need find another solution.

I’ll make you something. What are the dimensions of your notebook? the dimensions of the part that will be held in the book without the pen loop that is?


As soon as I get a chance to measure the book, I’ll let you know. I’m at the office and I forgot last night. I believe you have the same pencil? If not, I’ll get measurements for that too

I have the same pencil. I’ll make you something acoording to your specs and then you can see if it works for you.

It’s 20.5 cm tall and 12.5 cm deep. Probably can knock off 2cm from the height and 1cm from the width.

If there is an option, I’d like it in black, but I’m not picky.

I’ll have it for you in a couple days, and leave it in my storage bin. I’ll post a pic of my storage bin so you can find it when it’s done.


@GreenFox here it is. I’ll leave a picture of my bin tomorrow and you can get it anytime after.


It fits great. I have to shake it pretty hard before it would fall out. Thank you!