Request for Key FOB/Building Entry and Personal Tour

Good Morning,

I am a new member and I’d like to request for assistance to get into the building, get/configure a FOB, and a personal tour. Anytime after 11am on Saturday or Sunday would work well for us. I have two daughters 15 and 13. I was wondering if i can bring them and my husband along as well?

I took the membership to explore all the options that are available to us. All of them sound fascinating.


If Saturday/Sunday doesn’t work, I can make other days work as well.

Several of us will be doing work around the space on Sunday - I can take you for a tour around the space at noon if that works. You’ll just need to sign a couple of waivers for your daughters, otherwise they are welcome.


Thank you @skyspook - looking forward to the tour.

See you tomorrow.

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