Request for ceramics classes-slipcasting and plaster mold making

Want to say thanks to the folks putting up classes! It lets us learn something new. I really enjoyed @Christykaake luster class and can’t wait to see the finished result in person.

One of my glaze students yesterday asked about slipcasting. Would be nice to see that on the calendar. I’ve done some in the past but am currently obsessed with handbuilding so I don’t have an interest in teaching that at the moment. :slight_smile:

Also, will someone PLEASE put up a few plaster mold making classes?


Just searching the word “slip” on the calendar…
Is Glassworks “slip casting” remotely the same thing as you’re asking about?
It appears to be MAKING of glassworks slumping molds using slip casting methods, but I might be reading that all wrong, and even if I’m right, it may or may not be remotely related to the items you’re mentioning here (i.e. moldmaking and slip casting)…

I’ll put up a slip casting class in October :slightly_smiling_face:


Making the molds to slip-cast in (the plaster molds) is a work all in and of itself. While I have occasionally suggested that we ask @maxk68 to give a class, as he is the Mold Master, I don’t think anybody has specifically asked him.

@toussaintpeg has actually made plaster molds for slip-casting. His are very simple, but he knows the technique.

The current Glassworks class is using slipcasting to create molds for glass slumping. I think it’s already full, though.


I’ve also made slip cast molds once at school but I don’t think I’m really qualified to teach a class.


Do any of us ever feel qualified? :slight_smile: can you and I get together for a test and see what we can do?