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Class for the dye sublimation ink printer

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Dye sub printer

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Would like to ask if anyone is willing to teach a class on the dye sublimation printer. I was at the deep ellum arts festival over the weekend and saw quite a few ‘metal prints’, which have an incredibly vibrant look to them. I’d like to try my hand at making a few of my own if possible. A weekday PM class or weekend class would be my preference, if possible.



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I’ll get one submitted to the calendar today. It will take a few days to show up on the calendar. I’m scheduling it for Thursday the 26th, 7pm-10pm.


That’s great! Thank you Cary

It is submitted, and should be on the calendar in just under 72 hours.


@citizense7en see above.

Why did you pick dungeons and dragons night?? WHY!!!

One day I’ll catch a class! :smiley:

@darrent & @citizense7en,

This class has nothing to do with screen printing, or making silkscreens.

Sorry, Mark! The nights that my wife is available to assist are very limited. Without her I couldn’t teach the class. I am willing to do one-on-one training.

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Hey Cary,
So just to be clear, “Screenprinting - Specialty Inks (Discharge and Clear)”, which is also taking place at 7pm on the 26th, is not the one that you have created? If so, then I guess the one that you submitted hasn’t appeared on the calendar yet.

Just wanted to make sure!

You are correct. Screen printing and dye sublimation are two different processes that allow decoration of things in different ways. The class that I submitted is called “Dye Sub 101: Bring Your Own Shirt”. It should show up on the calendar on Thursday.


Thanks, @CaryF300 Looking forward to your class!! I need a preregistration button :tickets:

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